My new project: Tact, a simple chat app.


You’ll find two kinds of my works here.

First, influential blog posts. I like to write, even though I don’t do this any more as often as I used to. My blog is a mix of random musings, personal and political observations, and deeper technical posts. Some posts have been useful to many people and I continue to receive incoming traffic and feedback about them. So, I point these interesting posts out here.

Second, there’s a list of projects which is more similar to a typical portfolio. You’ll find a mix of personal and hobby projects, schoolwork, and professional work.


iOS 11 Changes Localized Date Handling

How to build a simple web-based voice bot with

Debugging HTTP on an Android phone or tablet with Charles proxy for fun and profit

Implementing Bonjour across iOS and Android

Mint for iPad navigation foundations

How does Android’s nine-patch tool work from a designer’s perspective?


Pipedrive Product Design and Research

Pipedrive. 2015–2019
Build and develop Pipedrive’s Product Design and Research function and team.


Side project. 2015–
Build an iOS content blocker for Estonian media.


Side project. 2014–2016
Invent, design and build a tool for better designer-developer collaboration for design details.

Wire for iOS

Wire Swiss GmbH. 2012–2015
Design, prototype, and build the iOS client interface of a new communications tool.

Mint for iPad

Intuit Inc. 2011
Design Mint for a new platform from scratch.

Mint for Android

Intuit Inc. 2011
Participate in a design update of Mint Android app.

Mint “Add transaction” on mobile

Intuit Inc. 2011
Design a method for Mint users to manually add transactions in the mobile app.

Charcoal drawings

Hobby project. 2011
Explore my visual side and develop design craft by attending a drawing class.

Mint web product

Intuit Inc. 2010–2012
Provide an easy-to-use example of how to implement OAuth authentication for Twitter.


Hobby project. 2010–2011
Provide an easy-to-use example of how to implement OAuth authentication for Twitter.


Hobby project. 2010–2013
Build a great personalizable Twitter app with first-class lists support.

Restroom indicator

Hobby project. 2008
Apply my recent Gadgets and Sensors education to solve an office pain point with a new hardware sensor.


Carnegie Mellon University HCI Master’s Studies. January–July 2008
Design and build a new approach to dental medicine information systems.

EdgeWave 3

Carnegie Mellon University HCI Master’s Studies. July 2008
Connect machine learning and hardware sensors.


Carnegie Mellon University HCI Master’s Studies. May 2008
Design a concept for working with family mementos for the Basic Interaction Design class.


Carnegie Mellon University HCI Master’s Studies. March 2008
Build an interesting concept with both hardware and software components for my "Gadgets and Sensors" class.

Skype. 2004 to 2005
Manage the team responsible for Skype web presence and payment frontend.

Skype group chat

Skype. 2004
Design the next generation of Skype text chat.

Skype for Linux

Skype. 2004
Launch the first version of Skype for Linux.


Skype/hobby project. 2005–2007
Explore using Skype mood messages as a vehicle to capture public sentiment.

Tallinn ID-ticket

AS Sertifitseerimiskeskus and Tallinn City. 2003-2004
Deploy the Estonian ID card as a ticketing token in Tallinn public transport.

Estonian ID card

AS Sertifitseerimiskeskus. 2002-2004
Contribute to early development and distribution of Estonian ID-card knowledge and applications.