My new project: Tact, a simple chat app.


Carnegie Mellon University HCI Master’s Studies. May 2008

interaction design, user research, semistructured interview, concept generation, needs validation, video sketch, video production, foley editing, voiceover editing, soundtrack editing, Final Cut


Design a concept for working with family mementos for the Basic Interaction Design class.

What I did

LiveAlbum helps families capture, manage, store, share, and retrieve family mementos related to children’s activities. It is accessible through a number of devices such as a digital wall, mobile phone or picture frame. LiveAlbum builds trust, belonging, and togetherness.

Our team of three worked together on the initial user research concept generation and validation, using a number of local Pittsburgh families as our customers. In later stages of the project, I was responsible for audio and video production, including script and dialog editing, foley editing, voiceover and dialog recording, and final compositing and sequencing.


My fellow students noted that the video was well produced.