Skype for Linux

Skype. 2004

Linux, management, development, QA, testing, events, partners


Publicly launch the first version of Skype for Linux desktop.

What I did

I managed the development of the original Skype for Linux desktop version, launched in June 2004. This involved working with the team of developers and testers to establish product priorities and efficient bug reporting and management procedures, coordinating teamwork through regular and ad-hoc meetings, and coordinating product priorities with the rest of the product and marketing teams and external partners. I had to quickly familiarize myself with new concepts, such as various methods of Linux audio routing, to make efficient development decisions.

To better immerse myself in our Linux user’s mindset and environment, I switched my main daily operating system to Linux, an experience I hadn’t had before. I didn’t mind at all.


Together with the responsible product manager, we successfully launched the product to market.