My new project: Tact, a simple chat app.


Hobby project. 2010–2013

iPhone, Cocoa Touch, Core Data, Twitter, interaction design, product management, product marketing


Build a great personalizable Twitter app with first-class lists support.

What I did

I built an iPhone Twitter app. There was a multitude of such apps already available, but Crème distinguished itself as having a more modular approach to the interface, and greater reliance on touch technology. Instead of having to follow a fixed structure, everyone could construct their own Twitter experience, and freely surf and browse the content with a distraction-free, elegant touch interface. The user’s journey was further enhanced by using subtle animation and visual feedback cues.

I was responsible for the project from beginning to end, including concept definition, interaction design, engineering, beta testing with a closed group, and product marketing. I worked together with a visual designer who helped me finalize the visuals and interaction design.


The app landscape is brutal and I failed to put enough effort into it to make it a sustainable business. It never made any real money. Since software rots fast, I discontinued it after a few years, it would have been too much effort to keep it running even without any major feature updates., the app’s blog, is still around for historic interest.