Mint web product

Intuit Inc. 2010–2012

iPhone, Twitter, API, security, encryption, documentation, tutorial, developer support


Research, design and test Mint web product features.

What I did

I worked with product managers to understand and explore business and user needs. I develop these needs into concepts of various fidelity, from scenarios to sketches to wireframes to interactive prototypes, and work with engineers through the implementation.

As part of this work, I pioneered an interactive prototyping method to augment the previously used static one, greatly simplifying communication between design and engineering and replacing static prototype states and lengthy descriptions with interactive demos.

Intuit was my first experience of commercially working with dedicated research staff on both generative and evaluative user research. We would go to field trips to users’ homes to talk about finances, and I would both observe and administer usability tests at modern labs at Intuit campus.


I learned many things about modern product teams, like the balance between design, product management, and engineering.

I developed an appreciation for research as a core design function.

I found inspiration in working with great designers and leaders, many of whom I remain in touch with years later.