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The album

November 05, 2019

This post is part of my notes on three years of design leadership at Pipedrive. Also read the other posts in the series:

The other posts in this series are about work that I did together with my team. This, the last post, is about their parting gift to me.

The warmest gift is something that celebrates the good times we shared. I got this beautiful album with photos and endearing private notes from Pipedrive Product Design and Research as a goodbye gift, celebrating our 3.5 years together. Truly grateful and humbled. Thank you Taimar, Inês, Mariana, Kristiina, Dmitri, Johannes, Kätlin, Karolin, Birgit, Jörgen, Priit, Vanessa, Hannes, Gloria, Agne, Mirjam, Paula, Maria, and all other contributors. ❤️

The album

Chilling at a team offsite

Jaanus thinking about stuff at a workshop

Backyard fireplace

Mölkky with the team

Pizza-making workshop