Why I still use e-mail over Skype Chat

September 19, 2006

A while ago, we published this piece saying Skype chat is greater than e-mail. (corrected, thanks Jim)

Chatting is one of Skype’s main features apart from calling and contact management. And we’d like to tell you of our hidden agenda of making Skype Chat an e-mail killer.

Yep… this is what I wrote with my own little bare hands.

Yet months go by, and what I find is that in business communications, I still send tons and tons of e-mail. Granted, I’m probably among the top few percent of Skype chat heavy users as well so I “do my part” so to speak, producing all those silly little chat messages :) but chat hasn’t really killed e-mail for me.

So… how come e-mail is better? What’s Skype chat lacking in? (meaning “what are we working on?”)

Now… there are caveats to this obviously. I previously listed six “up” points for chat, and all those still hold true, versus only the three you can see above for e-mail. And I’m a rare control freak who values e-mail organization probably a lot more than most other folks. Since I wrote the last piece, Skype has got a lot better. For example, all your chats are on the History tab so you can find them just fine if you know what you’re looking for.

But still… how about a teeny tiny “mark unread” or “flag” thing for chats?