UK medical system vs babies

March 27, 2006

From Telegraph through RISKS digest.

A baby boy died after an untrained doctor pressed the wrong button on his bypass machine.

Didn’t equipment, doctors and medical technicians have to be like certified or licensed or something? Now it turns out the health system is such that the people on duty can’t tell machine buttons from one another. Or, as someone put it, “you really have to be in good health to make it to/through the doctor’s”

I recently heard another story which gave me creeps. And again it was about UK’s medical system. What’s wrong in that country??? There was a pregnant girl who saw the doctors who ran some tests and told her that the baby would be a disabled/retarded one and abortion would be a really good option consider. She went through many tests and all told her the same. She was obviously confused (I can’t even imagine how bad it can be being in such a position), but decided to go ahead and keep the baby. And when the baby was born, not only was he a boy (although the tests said it would be a girl – or was it the other way – anyway, the opposite sex as to what the doctors had told), but he was totally alright and without any visible/tangible sign of abnormality after a few days. So a double shock – first to hear stuff like this from doctors, and second to learn they were wrong.