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Taking too much luggage in airplanes and hurting other people with it

May 15, 2006

A flight I had to take today was delayed for about an hour because while all the people were already onboard, someone was injured by the falling luggage. A bunch of medical and police officers ran back and forth and finally the person had to be taken off the airplane. I hope whoever’s piece it was will get his butt whipped properly.

I saw many people coming onboard with oversized and multiple pieces, even though the regulations are pretty clear about one piece and limited size. I don’t understand why they are not enforced. And I don’t understand all those people who take all this junk with them. Do you really need it during those few hours? I don’t think so.

The only plausible excuse I can find for carrying all your junk with you would be being afraid of lost luggage, but these days it’s really a non-issue – it doesn’t really get lost, it’s just delayed by few hours or days. All the airlines should do here (both with passengers and with each other) is to have some sort of insurance and compensation mechanism, so that if your stuff gets lost or delayed, you are compensated similarly as to when your flight gets delayed, and ultimately the responsible airline/airport bears the cost.