My new project: Tact, a simple chat app.


December 02, 2006

I recently got a new MacBook Pro. It was a long-awaited upgrade over my aging T41 that served me fine for a bit over two years, but got really old in the end. And so it was time to get something new.

I went for MBP because I have many friends that are OS X nerds :) and so I thought I’d blend in the crowd a bit. Plus, MBP is one of the high-end PC-s out there and can also run Windows, so even if I didn’t switch to OS X, I’d still have a pretty high-end machine on my hands to run Windows.

So in the “switch” series, I’ll document my switch experiences and stories from a “recent convert” perspective. To be precise, there are actually two switches that I’m making — one being from one Windows PC to another Windows PC, and another being from Windows to Mac OS X.

I’ll continue to use Windows on both this new PC and on the other PC-s that I have. However, turns out that I need to switch to it much less than I anticipated :-) and so I’m now spending most of my time on the Mac OS.