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“Surrogates” 4/10

February 12, 2011

Finally watched Surrogates. Had been meaning to for a while, but never got around to it.

I’m giving it a low rating because it was so short and massively underdeveloped. I really liked the premise and proposition, but there could have been much more. For example, if you already have such an elaborate system, why require the operators to be connected at all times? Why not have the surrogates on autopilot most of the time? Much of our daily life and chores are so boring it could totally be done on autopilot.

And it wasn’t really explored what are the pros and cons of surrogates. There’s no question much of our lives would be safer when it would be run by machines instead of humans. Humans are unsafe and unreliable in many things. For example, I’ll be the first in line when computer-controlled cars and roads are launched.

Or you could have just had crazy tall blue aliens like Avatar, and made tons more money with the same concept.