Skype 4 beta post series

October 27, 2008

I had steered clear of Skype 4 until now. I wanted them to get through a first few betas first before I would give it a run myself. I generally have a personal policy of not running anything beta on my desktop these days, but I thought I’ll make an exception for Skype 4 on Windows, especially given that it is not my primary Skype. I mostly live on Mac these days, with Windows running in Parallels.

As Skype 4 is marketed as a big change, the urge finally overwhelmed me this weekend to go and give it a run myself to see what the changes are about. And I thought I’ll capture the feedback in posts like this. Now, usually when I have reviewed software, I have written one long mega-post that takes ages to write, and that is boring and hard to read and many people stop before they got to the end.

So, instead of doing that, I thought I’ll do a series over, let’s say, this week, where I cover exactly one thing per post. Be it a feature or a more conceptual question.

Now, as you’ll go through this series, two important things about my perspective are…