Redirecting my Misc Random site to Friendfeed, and work update

Feb 07, 2009

It’s been quiet here. Hello? Anybody home? Yes I am. Just been very busy with other stuff. And being busy lead me to think about my Internet presence and make some changes.

For a while now, I had this Misc Random site. I used it to post miscellaneous snippets about anything, but it was also where I reposted my Delicious, Twitter and Google Reader shared items. Except that the Twitter part broke a while ago. And I didn’t bother to fix it.

So now, I sat down and thought: is there any point to that Misc Random site? I couldn’t find any. Aggregation is better done elsewhere. Except, that is, until recently I didn’t know of a nice aggregation services. Yes, there were many around, but none that I would call “nice”.

I’ve now figured that I like Friendfeed. So I shut down Misc Random and redirected the Misc Random feed/domain there. I aggregate everything about my Internet presence there.

This also led me to think a bit about the sites I use to post all sorts of stuff about me for various purposes.

  • Friendfeed. Everything below aggregated to the same place. And I like its commenting system, you can comment about anything.
  • This blog.. Rare postings, work- and technology-related stuff.
  • My Estonian blog.. For my Estonian friends and family.
  • Twitter. I may not use it at all on some days, but at other days, I post a lot. Both about work and about random stuff.
  • Flickr. For my photos.
  • Tumblr. A new site I created for posting random thoughts and photos that are too long for Twitter. Like movie reviews and screenshots. I wish it would save full-resolution images though, so that people could click through to them. Would be nice for screenshots.
  • Delicious. My bookmarks, both work/technology and “misc random” kind of stuff.
  • Google Reader shared items. I tag interesting things from my feeds from time to time.
  • Youtube. I have very few videos, but occasionally may post.
  • Facebook. Most of my Master’s friends are there.
  • LinkedIn. My work profile.
  • Dopplr. My travels. Friendfeed doesn’t seem to support this yet.

Quite a list, but somehow it works out. For each thing, I know right away where to put it, don’t really have to think. I guess it is both because a lot of them (Flickr, YouTube) are media-specific, or I post things right in context (Google Reader) without having to go elsewhere.

And while I’m posting something: our company now has a website. I have nothing else to plug yet, other than the fact that the site exists. And that you can come work for us.