Your first design job: join me as Pipedrive Product Design Intern

June 01, 2016

If you are a young designer in Estonia, consider applying to Pipedrive as a Product Design Intern.

It’s tough to get started on the tech job market as a designer. Everybody is looking for “ninjas” and “rockstars” with tons of experience. The other option is that you have a killer idea and begin your own startup and are willing to go through the sleepless nights and all the risks and grit to cover the full spectrum of company-building on your own.

What if you are neither of these two? You don’t have many projects under your belt yet, but also, you don’t want to start something from scratch? You’d rather continue your design education with a bit more guidance to figure out your true calling and gain some experience and credentials on the way.

This is exactly what we want to support with the Pipedrive Product Design Internship. It’s the first time we’re doing this, and I am happy and proud to be working for a company that is willing to invest in the careers of young product designers.

I especially want to point out the team aspect. Some internships can be solitary affairs and include only minimal supervision. Not so at Pipedrive—we have a meaningful process in place for the internship and will invest serious guidance and mentorship throughout the program, and we aim to assemble a kickass team of interns that can support one another and grow together as a group.

Our team recently went to the IxDA Interaction Design conference in Helsinki. The one principle that I expect all candidates to the internship to follow, came from the closing keynote of Cameron Sinclair who simply said, “Design like you give a damn.” Design like you care. Everything else is learnable.

If the above sounds like you, take a look at our Product Design Internship.