My ski bus mixes

April 01, 2012

I was on a Bay Area Ski Bus today (which is an amazing way to get to the mountain from around here). The ride is about 4 hours each way. On the way back, there was no movie playing so I figured I’d just play around with some music apps.

Algoriddim’s djay is a great way to DJ on iOS. It was initially released for iPad, but I didn’t have my iPad with me, so I just downloaded the iPhone version and played with it and made these three little mixes.

Nothing spectacular, though some sounds are quite interesting there. I think I liked the Gate and Echo effects the most, together with eq they can make fascinating sounds. And I made some mistakes too as expected—in the second mix, it’s too obvious where I adjust the bpm. I found the bpm adjustment/matching kinda hard to use, and there are other UI quirks I would do differently. Like the method to get in and out of effects with a tiny button could be better. But overall, the interface is quite compelling.