My iPhone froze in a strange way

August 25, 2008

Last week, I had a strange incident with my iPhone that made me suspicious of how stable it really is. I don’t mind applications crashing or occasional glitches, but the core and phone parts must be rock solid.

Anyway, here’s what happened. I was walking about in sunlight, checking e-mail extensively and also taking pictures with my camera. At one moment, the screen simply went blank. Black. Nada. Nothing. I tried pressing and holding the home and power buttons, but nothing worked. The phone was bricked. And me possibly having to receive important phone calls certainly didn’t help. No matter what I tried (short of banging the phone on concrete) didn’t evoke a tiniest sign of life.

Everything magically came back, though, when I plugged the phone into my computer later that night. The screen came back to life as if nothing had happened, and the phone has been fine ever since. But this incident made me feel uneasy about the true stability of iPhone.