June 12, 2006

There is something I find really strange about Las Vegas. It’s supposed to be the entertainment capital of the world, yes? Then how come none of the bars can make me a goddamn mojito? Every time I ask, they say they don’t have mint leaves or something… I dunno. Doesn’t matter what they say. Mojito is supposed to be the (evil step)mother of cocktails, the 101 of 21st century mixing, so… wtf?

Other than that, Las Vegas and eBay Devconf are cool. Other folks posted tons of stuff already on this, this post has some links where to find all the info. We haven’t posted much since we’ve been really busy working at days and booz… ehrm, I mean networking at nights. I got some pics now up on Flickr. See the finale of the Bellagio fountains as video