Madonna “Confessions” tour and Düsseldorf

August 24, 2006

Went to Düsseldorf to see the Madonna “Confessions” gig. I’m not a big fan of hers. No hater either. I just figured this would be a good show. And it was. Although cheesy at times – it was fine when she said Germany had been very supportive of her, but then started giving some United-Nations-peptalk about how wonderful it is to have all these different nations at the gig and how equal everyone is and all that. I mean it is of course true, but is that what I came for? Shut up and sing and flash the lights and things, woman.


Some tracks had social themes as well. All in all the show was really good. The only sucky part being that I got standing places in the main arena, and while I can walk long distances just fine, I really can’t stand at the same spot for too long, so eventually my feet were hurting like hell. But I came out in one piece.


Düsseldorf itself is a funny city. They said it’s the home of the largest Japanese expat community after New York, and our hotel was right in the middle of it. So when walking down some of the streets it was more like Tokyo than Germany.