Illegal immigrants in USA

May 02, 2006

I don’t really get this USA illegal immigrants thing. Some people have sneaked their way into a country, and are now claiming they are such an asset to economy that they should be legalized just like that?

This is like an arrested mobster saying that since his cover businesses generate so much tax revenue to the country, he should be let go. I know this is an offensive comparison and most illegal immigrants actually don’t do any harm. I’m just using this to dramatize the point.

Being an illegal person is just that. If the illegal immigrants are such an asset to economy that their missing would hit it hard, well, let the market and supply-demand take care of that. If there were no illegal immigrants, then maybe prices would rise a bit, but all in all they’re an abnormality in economy, not a desirable normal status.

Several Estonians have been working in the US as illegal immigrants, some of them have been arrested, deported and banned. It’s not something to be proud about and the public generally frowns upon them, since they unfairly bring down the reputation of the whole nation in that country. Having a proper, legal career is much more respected.

There’s an old English saying, “good fences make good neighbours”. Being a EU border country, Estonia certainly recognizes the logic there and takes appropriate measures.