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George W. Bush arrives in Tallinn, as seen on traffic cameras

November 28, 2006

George W. Bush arrived in Tallinn today, for a one-day visit before moving on to Riga where the NATO summit will be held on Tue-Wed this week. Politics aside, it’s definitely a recognition to Estonia to receive the first visit ever from a U.S. President currently in office. Al Gore was here once, and Clinton has been on speaking events many times but only after he left office. Although some jokers said that he’s probably going to use this visit just to sleep properly, having come from the US and getting over the jet lag, before moving on to Riga :)

We were chatting with a few friends when we realized that Tallinn had public traffic cams where it’s probably possible to see this, since several critical intersections are on the way from the airport to the hotel that are equipped with the cams. So we just set the cam pictures side by side and this is what was caught. The first picture here, showing overview of all of the empty intersections (the traffic was obviously fully closed), was actually the last timewise, just that the three cameras look cool side-by-side. Here are a few photos, you can see all in the Flickr set.

Picture 23.jpg

Picture 8.jpg

Picture 13.jpg

Picture 21.jpg