Free Skype Zones fun

December 05, 2005

Wifi prices at my hotel are ridiculous: 10min 3€, 30min 5€, 1h 10€, 24h 25€. In London it’s also something like 5 pounds for 1h in places. (And in Tallinn, it’s less than 1€ for 24h but not everyone fits into the promised land ;)

So anyway, I sit down at my hotel and start to go hmm, do I really have to pay this nonsense? (And the 24h you can’t just pay with card, you have to go buy some prepay card somewhere.) When suddenly lo and behold, a Skype Zones signal pops up. Turns out the provider is aggregated into the Boingo network that powers Skype Zones. El neato.

So without thinking much further, I key in my Zones ID and password… and hey, it works! I have wifi signal without paying anything upfront.

… or rather, without paying anything at all? When I signed up for Zones, which was like half a year ago or something when we originally launched it, I connected it to a credit card that has since expired. I never saw any Zones charges on it anyway.

The downside being that the link here is kinda crappy and slow and unstable, going down at times, but still pretty usable. I honestly have no idea who gets billed, but so far obviously not me. I’ll tell the guys running Zones anyway just in case, maybe something has been overlooked or broken somewhere.