Four new Spring semester projects online — money management, electronics, and designing for families with kids

Jun 18, 2008

I’ve published four new projects that I didn’t yet manage to post before:

  • SeeMoney, an interaction design exercise in online personal finance. I don’t like most online finance sites. So here we tried to explore an area that I haven’t yet seen solved well, and namely, working with money across groups. See also an old post of mine. (I use iBank these days to track my cast and do some basic charting and forecasting. Works OK, but still a bit too clunky. Mint tracks one of my accounts and they definitely have potential.)
  • EdgeWave, a fun electronics prototyping project. A lot of fun with electronics and laser cutting.
  • EdgeWave 2. Even more fun with custom circuit boards and radio communications. But since the board was shipped late to me, the application (software) is not as great as it should be, since I basically had only a few hours in the end to write it and the darn touch sensor didn’t work, so it’s a bit of an act of desperation :) but it was definitely fun to design a circuit and even find it (mostly) working in the end. Plus I like my power solution that doesn’t involve any complicated conversions, just stabilized AAA battery power.
  • LiveAlbum, an interaction design exercise. We went to families to study their needs, and propose a solution to address it. A lot of work, but also fun with user research, concept generation, validation, and finally the video production that took several long nights but I’m pretty happy about the result.