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Cultural studies based on Salsa Tequila

October 15, 2014

Every summer must have its summer hit. Two years ago, it was “Gangnam style”. Last year, it was some Avicii stuff and maybe “What does the fox say”. I did not know this summer’s, but I just recently found out about “Salsa Tequila”. This must be it.

The song climbed the charts in Nordic countries, the Netherlands and Belgium.

All that they did is just mash together a bunch of popular Spanish words. Add an inane but catchy tune, and a silly video, and make sure the instrumental version is available, and what do you get? Infinite mashup potential, that’s what.

Indeed, many people have taken to converting this to their own language, or some other language/culture they want to make fun of. I recently spent some time going through a bunch of them, because why not. Here’s my selection of the better ones.

Kudos to the video-makers for turning this to a meme. For example, pay attention to the sound device and where it’s inserted, some of these are pretty creative.

German. (Made by some Dutch guys.)

Dutch. It’s well made (by the same guys) but I don’t know enough about Dutch culture/language to appreciate the jokes.


Finnish. Appropriately named “Sauna and Nokia”.


Russian. These guys are lazy and didn’t even remix the song to their language. But they did make a video.

Heavy metal. (Well, it’s not a language, but cool video and music.)