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Crysis 3

March 26, 2014

I finished Crysis 3 the other night. I’ve written about the first and second game in the trilogy before, so let’s wrap this one up.

Here’s a trailer that fairly accurately captures the feel of the third part.

Whereas Crysis and Crysis 2 were very different, Crysis 3 feels much more like a logical continuation of the second part, almost like a Crysis 2.5 rather than a completely new episode. There are some new gameplay elements, like the bow and alien weapons, and nanosuit customization, but overall, it is the same.

It is technically very well executed, a visually gorgeous game with epic landscapes and effects. Some critics say, though, that it is much too dark through a lot of the game. I also don’t like too dark ambiences, and there were a lot of those, though it kept alternating with brighter environments and I wouldn’t say it was too dark.

Still, if I were to have my preference in the series, it would be: Crysis 2, Crysis, Crysis 3. Somehow the third part felt the least fulfilling. Maybe I had outgrown the series or took too long to play the third part (took me about three months of playing every now and then). Hans Zimmer’s intro song was also more captivating in 2.

I like that the third part really does wrap up the trilogy in a meaningful way, and the trilogy overall is definitely one of the most solid instalments of modern FPS gaming.