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Commandos Strike Force

March 05, 2006

Here’s a WW2 shooter with a twist. Commandos Strike Force, re-make of the classic Commando “tactical” series into FPS-type game.

The game definitely feels like the previous tactical series, even though the view is now in first person. In the demo, you get two missions. The web says that during the missions, you play as one of the three guys: green beret (commando), sniper or spy. In most missions, there’s only one of them, though in some missions like one in the demo, you can switch between, for example, the sniper and the commando.

Though it’s in first person, you must apply much more thinking and tactics than in a regular shooter. You can take much less damage than in shooters, so in most cases you really wouldn’t want to be shot at. If you have two guys, though, they can heal each other. Plus the available arsenal is much like the tactical game – in one of the demo missions as the spy, you can gas the enemies with a gas grenade while being protected by a gas mask yourself.

The demo was enough to leave you wanting for more and there’s great potential here. Will try to get my hands on this if the price isn’t through the roof (maybe not until it goes into post-sales and drops).