Come join the closed beta for my iPhone Twitter client

February 13, 2010

[ Update: wow, I got great response. So, if you haven’t responded already, then… you may still contact me, but I may add you in a later round. Or just direct you to the app store for the complete version soon. :) Thanks to all who have responded thus far. ]

For some nights and weekends, I’ve been working on a yet unnamed/unbranded iPhone Twitter client app. I’ve looked at all the existing ones and I think I have some new things to contribute to the scene in terms of the UI, interaction and the overall experience.

I’m now starting a closed/private beta. To join, you need to have an iPhone (vanilla and jailbroken are both fine) and use Twitter at any level. You also need to have some imagination and patience because parts of the software are still broken or need some work. But, the app is not just a raw piece of rock any more. You can see the outline of the final thing, it’s starting to shape up and just needs lots of sandpaper–and your help, both in terms of technical testing and UI/interaction feedback. The goals of the test are to get to a good place with the technical quality of the app, and make sure the interaction is solid.

If you’re interested, contact me through some private channel (email, Skype chat) this weekend (Feb 13-14… happy Valentine :) ) to get set up. We’re going to use Google Wave (remember? Wave? Not Buzz. Wave.) as the collaboration tool. If you haven’t used Wave before, it will be an interesting experience from that perspective too.

Your main benefit will be participating in the test with me and a fun bunch of other people, and witnessing the app coming together. The final app will sell for a few dollars, and all the testers will get it for free. There’s no other material compensation. The beer, though, will be on me the next time we meet.