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Browsers vs search engines, and how it makes complete sense

June 22, 2009

This is a really great video.

I wasn’t surprised by this by a least bit, because all my academic training was about one simple mantra: “the user is not like me”. People care less than you think about technology, and are creative in a completely different way from what you think. This is a great thing for those who can figure it out and build on it.

Coincidentally, just this weekend I finished reading “The Inmates Are Running The Asylum”, Alan Cooper’s book that basically makes the business case for interaction design. Related to the above, it looks into how programmers and engineers, who he calls “homo logicus”, are different from “normal people”, and how should polite software behave.

I made myself a poster with the important bullets for the office wall. Download if you want. And to learn more about what these mean, buy the book.