Bill Gates: "Microsoft is choosing Apple because over time, other platforms won't be interesting"

February 12, 2007

Can you imagine Bill saying that? I have video footage to prove it below.

Of course, he didn’t say this today or yesterday. The quote comes from over twenty years ago, from the 1984 Apple shareholders’ meeting. You may have seen the famous Macintosh introduction by Steve Jobs. This was part of the meeting that in total runs for one and a half hours.

I got this video from the MacTV podcast. I’m not fully sure who these guys are or why they do this, but they are publishing great Apple content in their video podcast, from the current ads to historic material like this.

And if you don’t bother to watch the video, here’s what Bill said. (Emphasis by me.)

Microsoft is choosing this Apple Macintosh environment because over time, the other environments won’t be interesting.

He may end up being right afterall. At least I agree to this, I find Mac OS X to be extremely interesting compared to others that I have worked with.