Battling the elements

July 11, 2006

Ah… this post by Seth couldn’t be more topical. A large part of Europe, including Estonia, is undergoing a massive heat wave. And having few tools to battle it, since there was virtually zero air conditioning ever at all during the Soviet times. And even now they’re catching up quite slowly. Generalizations are mean, but some folks think that conditioning still is something luxurious which regular people shouldn’t get, and that you manage to make some sort of point by being uncomfortable, sweating and battling the elements.

Plus my recently built home was constructed in an unfortunate way so that the air somehow doesn’t move there. So that even if it cools down outside, there’s still no air inside. :(

Oh well… at least I got a car with climate. So the commute between home, work and other places I need to go is now a real pleasure, when you’re sitting in the traffic jam, enjoying the cooled air and looking at all the sweating people outside ;)