A new home for Elwood MP3's

August 11, 2010

I was once somewhat active in demoscene. I wasn’t very good at what I did, but I enjoyed the events and spending time on it and hanging out with likeminded people. I haven’t done it a lot recently; I miss it.

As part of that. we once had a project called scene.ee, where we tried to cultivate a bit of demoscene culture in Estonia(n). We had some events and found some people, but it never really picked up to an extent that I’d call it success. As of a while ago, scene.ee project and site are dead.

There was one piece of scene.ee that was of interest to a broader audience. We somehow managed to collect and host a bunch of Elwood MP3’s. Apparently these weren’t published much anywhere and we just got to host them, to the extent that Wikipedia linked to us about these.

When scene.ee went down, Elwood MP3’s went down too. I felt bad for it. It’s part of demoscene legacy that I helped preserve, and should keep doing so and not just let it go offline. So, Elwood MP3-s have a new home here.