A mouse

May 26, 2006

Last night around 9:30pm I was waiting for a train in the London Underground Piccadilly station. As usual – train tracks, some people (not too many at that late hour), station smell… when suddenly something ran on the platform. I looked. It was a mouse. Or maybe a small rat, but it looked more like a mouse. Since not too many people were around to disturb it, it was around for quite a while, going back and forth until it finally appeared into the tunnel darkness void.

It looked out of place. A touch of nature in that human-created artificial underground space. At the same time many would argue it was unhygienic or spreading disease or just “uuuuuuuughhhhh” for those people who don’t like mice. For me it was just… different. Out of place. Unexpected. I kind of felt sorry for it, I hope it found its way “home” – I’m not sure what that looks like for a mouse.

And then the train came and I went to wherever I was going.