Hi. I’m Jaanus Kase. I’m a designer, engineer, and producer.


Email me at jaanus@jaanuskase.com or get in touch via LinkedIn or Twitter.

I also have Facebook, GitHub and Flickr.


I went to school in Carnegie Mellon, where I got my Master’s in Human-Computer Interaction in 2008. I’ve lived and worked in Tallinn, Tartu, Luxembourg, Brussels, Pittsburgh, New York, and Bay Area. After a few years in the US, I’m now back in Europe.

These days, I design user interfaces and write software for iOS, OS X and the web. In the past, I’ve also done PR, writing, social marketing, translation, lifting boxes at a retail store, and many other fun things.

I’ve been lucky and privileged to work with many great people on interesting projects. Here’s a few.



DMD Project




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